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Design Screw type Stroke end switches
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90 Design
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Acme screw
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Protected under sealed cover

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Linear actuator CLA25S
Higher strength for long stroke

Electric actuator with bigger linear parts to improve buckling resistance in case of long strokes. Standard stroke lengths up to 800 mm. Longer strokes available upon request.
Limit switches and potentiometer protected under a sealed cover from sever environmental conditions.
Acme screw drive, 90° design. Worm wheel geared motor.
Dynamic pull - push load up to 5.000 N
Linear speed up to 100 mm/s
Linear actuator available with DC motor and AC motor.
Suitable  for industrial automation applications, indoor and outdoor application, solar trackers, incubators, silos, industrial kitchens, food industry, ventilation systems, railways maintenance, naval  and home automation. Clean and economic alternative to pneumatic cylinders.
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Accessories and options
- External cam-switches protected under a sealed cover
- Rotary potentiometer for position control
- Stainless steel push rod
- Anti-turn device
- Mechanical overload protection (safety clutch)
- Electronic overload protection – current threshold  (electric device LME01 – DC motors only)
- Electronic dynamic braking (electric device LME02 – DC motors only)

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LMR03 (load up to  6.000 N – Built in limit switches)
ATL10 (load up to 5.000 N – External magnetic reed switches)

Other products from the Series:
CLA20 (2000 N), CLA25 (5000 N), CLA25S (5000 N), CLA25M (5000 N), CLA28 (10000 N), CLA28T (10000 N)
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